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Strangereal flags - Vicky II style by VoughtVindicator
Strangereal flags - Vicky II style
I once tried to play Paradox Games' grand strategy game, Victoria II, and lasted five minutes until my brain was hurting from instruction overload. It didn't go well is what I'm saying.

Nevertheless, something that still fascinates me is the variety of flags in that game. Depending on your country's political orientation -democracy, fascism, communism or monarchy- you get a different flag, and it's fun to see all those alternate history flags like a fascist Canada or a monarchist CSA. I decided to do a bit of a crossover with the Ace Combat game series and here's the results.

This assumes the following national equivalencies:

Nordlands = Scandinavia/Norway
Ustio = Poland
Emmeria = Italy (Italian language script in AC6 christmas wallpaper, there's a Roman colosseum in neighboring Estovakia)
Belka = Germany
Estovakia = Romania (Several allusions to Romanian folklore)
Yuktobania = Russia/USSR
Leasath = Argentina (Both led by militarist dictators with ties to the arms industry, both tried to create a stealth fighter (SAIA90/Fenrir), both invaded a neighboring territory)
Aurelia = Chile (Had tensions with their neighbor, would have probably gone to war were it not for the Malvinas/Falklands, both are fairly peaceful and with a high living standard)
Osea = The USA

I'll add some more as time goes on and, of course, I'm open for suggestions/submissions.

  • Communist: Modified flag of the Karelo-Finnish SSR with the coat of arms in lieu of the hammer-and-sickle to make it more interesting. On second thought, taking my time to translate the inscriptions in the coat of arms was completely pointless. The two blue shades remain, while the seemingly royalist white color is gone.
  • Fascist: Celtic cross, fan-favorite of the far right, with the Nordlands flag color. Keeps the royal arms.
  • Monarchist: Default flag shown in the games.
  • Democracy: Most boring flag. This will be a recurring theme
  • Communist: The original's black is gone, now the flag is just red and white. Keeps the triangular design (as do all others) but adds an uncrowned eagle from the real-life Polish Committee of National Liberation.
  • Fascist: Scary-looking flag that does the complete opposite and emphasizes the black more than anything else. Logo in the middle is from the real-life fascists at the National Polish Revival.
  • Monarchist: Keeps the colors of the original, X-design inspired by the Tsardom of Poland, with the royal arms moved to the center since they looked ugly in the corner.
  • Demoracy: Default flag
  • Communist: My favorite of the Emmerian flags, a stylized version of Italy's very communist-looking coat of arms replaces the star in the middle.
  • Fascist: Darker shade of blue to make it spookier, fasces taking up the center stripe like in the Italian Social Republic's coat of arms.
  • Monarchist: Since all the other Italian kingdom flags were pretty generic, this one's based on the Napoleonic kingdom of Italy, with Emmerian colors and a different eagle, holding a fasces.
  • Demoracy: Default flag.
  • Communist: Gotta love the DDR's insignia. The German flag ribbon replaced with the design in the Belkan democracy flag.
  • Fascist: Default flag shown in the game. They were fascists, after all.
  • Monarchist: Lemniscus 1 from Electrosphere had the idea the Belkan flag seen in the game could be a composite of the North and South Belka flags, which would explain the odd asymmetry. I thought it was a cool idea, so here you go. It even explains the fascist one's symbology, stating its ambition for reunification right in the flag.
  • Demoracy: Boring horizontal tricolor, same as in the communist ribbon.
  • Communist: Vaguely similar design to the Socialist Republic of Romania, with the Estovakian colors and a bigger coat of arms in the middle.
  • Fascist: Default flag.
  • Monarchist: Coat of arms of Romania with some swapped colors, since it had the same design as the arms of Romania's last king.
  • Demoracy: Same as fascist flag, minus the stripes. In my interpretation, the stripes could mean anything from the ruling Eastern Faction's logo to some sort of commemoration of the people who died in Ulysses.
  • Communist: Default one seen in the game. It has always seemed odd to me how a deer, clearly a nationalist symbol, shows up in a communist flag. With that in mind, all the other flags are deer-themed.
  • Fascist: Deer antlers and orthodox cross, the stripe becomes horizontal to mirror the monarchist one. Inspired by this.
  • Monarchist: Took a while to find a coat of arms with deer in it. The white comes from the "white army" and the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
  • Demoracy: Kind of in between the communist, fascist and monarchist versions, a balance of sorts.
  • Communist: Same as democratic design with a palette swap and star for extra communism.
  • Fascist: Default flag shown in game.
  • Monarchist: Flag of Sapin with the coat of arms of the Viceroyalty of Rio De la Plata. This assumes that both Leasath and Aurelia were at some point colonized by Sapin.
  • Demoracy: Similar to the fascist flag, with multiple white stripes instead of one single red one. It could be that the multiple white stripes represent the regions/provinces of Leasath while the single red one represents an unified national will and/or people.
  • Communist: Star, sickle and snowflake! The horizontal stripe is gone.
  • Fascist: The horizontal stripe is there but now the snowflake is gone. The lightning in the middle is from the National Socialist Movement of Chile
  • Monarchist: Same as Aurelia
  • Demoracy: Default flag shown in game.
  • Lemniscus 1 from created these for an ongoing Ace Combat-themed roleplay, so I don't know the symbology. Either way, they look neat.
  • Communist: Yellow and red instead of white and blue, and the logo of the Communist Party USA replaces the stars, though keeps the same color inversion as the original.
  • Fascist: Osean sword-toting Eagle glimpsed at here. This presumably represents the government of Vice President Appelrouth and his cadre of hawks. More detailed version of the eagle is here.
  • Monarchist: Placeholder, will come up with something.
  • Demoracy: Default flag seen in game.
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Pretty much what it says on the tin, since after the last batch of drawings I'm feeling confident and kinda wanna step beyond my comfort zone, whatever that is. I'll take 3 requests and the same number of comissions, will free up spots when they get finished


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