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Patriots by VoughtVindicator
Internal memos within Eurofighter GmbH referring to a "Final Solution to the Air Superiority Problem" naturally caused great controversy in the media.

( :iconthreedmaniak: 's amazing rendition of the MiG-33 redesign here… got me pumped to do more of these )     
Continentologues by VoughtVindicator
A minor effect of the Loop War was the creation of NEURINT "control processes". These aircraft, otherwise known as continentologues allowed both Elegance Oblige and Basilides to monitor each other's adhesion to the De-escalation Treaty of Uluru which required them to lower their conventional, nuclear and semantic forces in northern Oceania over the course of five years.

While their optics were more or less on par with those of larger ballistic reconaissance missiles, the greater asset of the continentologues was their enormous exoneural organs through which they monitored the mental activity of whole continents (thus their name) during the apex of their brief suborbital flights. Essentially externalized brains held in spools during atmospheric flight, these electrosensive organs usually trail for miles behind the aircraft allowing them to sense neural and electronic activity from brains and computers below. The collective thoughts of the area of operations detected created an electroneural imprint on the aircraft's large reconaissance consciousness wich could then be wirelessly uploaded for others to analyze in search of informational weaponry and intentus belli AI activity. Along its reconaissance mission they were used for mental decontamination of large populations and for detecting inactive silent weapons.

After the years both parties found themselves carrying out intelligence flights outside the boundaries of the Treaty, resulting in many interceptions where fighters mind-read the continentologues with their own electroneural tendrils. After many such flights it was estimated that 75% of the populations living in southern Oceania had at least 150 consciousness copies generated of them by the continentologues' and interceptors' scanning each other's brain activity over and over again.
The struggle of these copies, and copies of copies, to gain recognition as sentient beings while confined by the millions inside the aircraft was one of the major points of the postwar restructuring.

Tribute to :iconturbofanatic: , you're amazing
Commission: DHR combat aircraft by VoughtVindicator
Commission: DHR combat aircraft
Strike fighter, interceptor and haunebu flying saucer done for :icondrakenhothrepublik: by mixing and matching different elements from     WWII German wunderwaffen and paper planes
Electronic Special Forces by VoughtVindicator
Electronic Special Forces
"...and what would my lady do for a living, may I ask?" Von Strømere, his entourage and a bunch of other socialites were all under Ariadne's charismatic spell, especially when the champagne began being passed around.

"I am other people" She took a pull from her cigarette holder with her eyes never not staring at someone directly. "People used to call us actors."

"I am sure they call you that still" Von Strømere leaned back on his seat with an intrigued pose. Heart rate, skin conductivity, pupil dilation, eye movements, she read him like a book.

"If you mean the rabble that makes movies around this place then yes, they are actors Indeed. They read a script and act." She said after verifying that none of her conversation partners was an actor through the intelligence network her entourage remained oblivious to, connected straight to her cerebral cortex. "How shallow and obsolete. In the more sophisticated places of this galaxy, which by the looks of the passengers include this train..." she talked of the obsolescence of actors and movies as if it was a basic accepted fact, keeping one step ahead of their elitism. "...People have gotten tired of fakes, fake people who read fake lines."

They all nodded in admiration, wanting to be the first to pick up this facet of cosmopolitan glamour they had only vaguely heard of.

"But with artificial memory implantation there is no actor and no character, there is only soul. There is no Ariadne Palamara, only Fiorina Tosca, Sophistica or Olivette at least for the duration of the play. I am other people, I lend my life, mind and body to individuals who had so far only been figments of the imagination printed on a script."

She smirked and crossed her legs the other way.

"Now, how can anyone say development is a bad thing?"
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Pretty much what it says on the tin, since after the last batch of drawings I'm feeling confident and kinda wanna step beyond my comfort zone, whatever that is. I'll take 3 requests and the same number of comissions, will free up spots when they get finished


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