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L'estro Armonico

Physical Description:
L'Estro Armonico is best described as a vaguely elliptical 40,000AU area of space where quantum mechanical effects overrule classical physics, weaponized to be able to conduct combat operations. It lacks a precise outer boundary, but its approximated center is the condensed star Histrion, a strange pseudo-stellar object created by the employment of the Son of Man's sword, Sofia, in the planet of Telestus.

Inside this large colume of space is an entity created out of the amalgamation of 8 Axiomatic Blinkers, former Capitol Dreadnought "Her Might" and more than 700 vessels of E Pluribus Axioma and the Capitol fleet. These vessels simultaneously exist everywhere at once inside L'Estro Armonico, suspended in a state of nonlocality similar to the fuzzy armor slabs utilized by Blinkers to defend themselves.

What exactly does it do:

Much like how blinkers can condense their fuzzy armor plates to repel attacks, L'estro Armonico is capable of using harmonic energy patterns to condense any part of its constitutent ships anywhere within itself. This allows it to quickly 'summon' and dissipate an inordinate ammount of weaponry of a wide variety of types while remaining largely immune to outside physical attack.

Wormholes can be created to link L'estro Armonico with places outside of its own volume, though the sheer ammount of quantum fluctuations will rapidly de-stabilize said wormhole and damage the ship projecting it.

Similarly, the large ammount of superposed energy states allow Blinkers to instantly travel to L'estro Armonico regardless of their own energy state, making it a powerful staging area for fleets.


Being centered around Histrion, L'estro Armonico has no means of propulsion outside of the aforementioned wormhole travel, making it a large fixed installation. It cannot 'deploy' its ships in any means as they will cease to exist should they ever find themselves outside of the boundaries of the superweapon.

As it uses harmonic resonance patterns to condense its weapons and ships, enemmies can mimmick those patterns to condense highly-volatile or otherwise fragile components such as its powerplants or targetting systems, which it has no means of replacing once destroyed.

A minor weakness is that a Carnaith survey ship was also absorbed in the creation of the superweapon, potentially causing some interference.

Slots: 3. Following the creation of L'estro Armonico, The Cameramen was decomissioned.
Metal Gear Harley by VoughtVindicator
Metal Gear Harley
I was trying to draw OJ Simpson, but my friend :iconmaniaxskell: tells me it does in fact look more like DC comics trademarked character Harley Quinn
DAMSEL 255, Reggie by VoughtVindicator
DAMSEL 255, Reggie
Trying a bit of a different, more cartoony style with the face and hair, inspired by :iconjollyjack: 's style, particularly the eyes and facial features. Was fun to draw.

Anyhow, this is the 255th DAMSEL, Reginleif, more commonly called Reggie by her peers. Her field of work is the production of protein-based nanites and other complex organic compounds such as artificial enzymes to fight certain diseases and prionic infections. Her segmented body allows hives of these nanites to be taken in and out for processing and replication through simple surgery sessions. She is pretty sweet and likes R&B.
SS-Fraktalgrenadier by VoughtVindicator
Initially, several important figures including Himmler are said to have expressed doubts on whether geometric-mathematical constructs should be allowed to serve in the Waffen-SS, as they weren't really Aryan. Following their performance in Belgium and France, however, all such doubts were gone, and the Fraktalgrenadiers would go on to distinguish themselves in all teathers of the war from Africa to Russia despite their tendency to disappear into thin air when confronted with certain formal paradoxes.
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Pretty much what it says on the tin, since after the last batch of drawings I'm feeling confident and kinda wanna step beyond my comfort zone, whatever that is. I'll take 3 requests and the same number of comissions, will free up spots when they get finished


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Man, I thought the aircraft of Ace Combat 3 were odd and revolutionary in aircraft design, but your Paradigm piece goes beyond many of the R-series fighters. 
VoughtVindicator Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, yeah, the idea was to come up with something that was as radical as the Neucom aircraft but that yet looked nothing like them
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