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September 3, 2013
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AI Armory (WIP) by VoughtVindicator AI Armory (WIP) by VoughtVindicator
For now there is only 8 units, I will update this as more is drawn. This is for :iconancerious-galactic: too. Seems everyone has a sprite sheet of their units, but I'm too lazy for sprites. =P

Recon Marine with Benchmark Gun:
Recon marines provide tactical reconaissance capabilities for the human regiments of the AI armies through a variety of surveillance equipment. Less efficient than monitoring nanite clouds or quantum observation systems, recon marines are rare. They have lighter armor than their assault counterparts so that they can fit more active and passive camouflage equipment, and are usually armed with long-range weaponry.

The benchmarking gun, not exclusive to recon marines, is an important piece of equipment in AI warfare, as it is capable to disrupt Bose-Einstein armor and superposed quantum shields to the enemy back into a solid state, regardless of the size or capability of the target. When pointed at a non-shielded target, the phason-based benchmarking gun has a significant explosive effect, though not enough to defeat any sort of armor or personal protection.

Assault Marine with missile launcher:
The core of marine units; marine riflemen exist only to ensure the safety of missile launcher marines. Unlike their peers, these marines actually pose a threat to demiorganics and vehicles with their launchers. Once launched, the missile dissolves into a fog-like superposed eugenstate that expands in a 90 arc from the launcher at a speed of approximately mach 1.5, rendering the missile immune to mid-course interception (unless shot at with a benchmarking gun) before materializing against the target and detonating.

The unusual quantum flight characteristics of the missile allow it to engage both aircraft and land targets. When fired in a normal flight mode, it is only capable of reliably engaging ground targets. It is equipped with a variety of possible warheads, and has a seeker head that can adopt different attack profiles.

Assault Marine with Shortwave Gun:
The shortwave gun is a rather bulky piece of equipment carried and operated by groups of three marines. One carries the large block-like emitter, the other carries the mount and a third carries the power source. It fires very short frequency scalar waves of such high power that it has to be powered either by one-shot supercapacitors or (more commonly) a microwave downlink.

When interfering with low-frequency scalar waves generated by a friendly spaceship, warship or satellite (the only platforms large enough to emit such low frequencies), the scalar weapon converts matter from the dirac sea in the form of extremely hot plasma, which explodes violently against the target. Depending on the operating power of both the low- and high-frequency scalar weapons, the detonation can have the energy of a tactical nuclear device.

Demiorganics usually come equipped with scalar shortwave guns as well, though less powerful than specialized mounts.

Assault Marine with heavy missile launcher
Heavier, 3-man missile launcher operated by the marines in conjunction with their manpack missile launchers. Utilizing a plasma arc ramjet, the missile is powered by a microwave downlink and can achieve intercontinental range or loiter for long periods of time in search for targets. Naturally it has a heavier warhead than the manpack missile and also employs quantum flight.

Soldiers with fission autocannon
Stark contrast to the usual energy and missile-based weaponry used by the rest of the AI armies, this 35mm tripod-mounted gauss autocannon fires solid, unguided projectiles at over 1500m/s (mach 4.4) at a fire rate of 200 rounds per minute. In low-intensity situations, the munitions fired are superdense fin-stabilized kinetic energy synthetic diamond projectiles with a ferrous sabot.

However, its firepower becomes far higher in high-intensity conflicts where the use of fission shells is authorized. 35mm fission shells have a core of Californium-251 jacketed in a layer of beryllium with a carbon nanofiber-bound graphite heatshield, arranged similar to an ancient hollow point bullet. Upon hitting a target, kinetic energy causes the californium core to get squashed into a critical mass, while the beryllium jacket acts as a nuclear tamper. This enables a nuclear fission chain reaction to occur, liberating large ammounts of energy, peaking at an equivalent of 100kg TNT per shell. Along with the large ammounts of radiation released, this makes the autocannon an important weapon against large groups of infantry.

However, due to the many variables at play, only 10% of the shells detonates with their full potential yield. Most of the shells either detonate with 50% or 25% of their yield or fizzle, creating large ammounts of radioactive shrapnel. When hitting soft targets such mud, soft-skinned vehicles or vegetation, shells tend to not explode at all and simply bounce off or go straight through. Most vehicles carry fission autocannons as secondary weapons.

Heavy Marine
Normally used for environments too demanding for even the augmented bodies of the regular marines; these power armor-equipped troops are often seen in high-gravity super earths or high-pressure, high temperature planets. Alternatively, they provide direct assault and breakthrough firepower, though brute force attacks by the AIs are unusual. They are the most resilient of human troops, as their thick armor allows them to absorb firepower that would destroy their lighter peers, and are armed with a cluster of lasers tuned to different frequencies and missile launchers.

Like the lighter assault marines, heavy marines can fly to reposition, their heavy suits allows them to have higher speed and range, making flight more common in heavy than assault marines.

Demiorganic sensei
For every platoon of 20 marines, a demiorganic takes to the field to lead them. These powerful cybernetic creations, blend of human, animal and machine components, exceed the firepower, intelligence and resilience of marines almost exponentially, to the point where a single demiorganic can be said to represent more of a threat than his entire cohort of human soldiers.

Unlike the specialized marines, demiorganics bristle with weaponry of all kinds. Usually armed with an explosive hand-to-hand weapon (in this case a linear shaped charge nodachi) normally coupled with a ranged weapon, their main firepower comes in the form of free electron lasers and hyperfrequency scalar devices built into their skulls and bodies. Along their direct firepower, demiorganics posess a low-frequency magnetron with which they can not only communicate wirelessly and conduct radar reconaissance but, when pointed at a human, can have a jamming effect in the central nervous system or a psychotropic effect in its victims. This enables them to induce painful, depressing or demoralizing sensations on enemy organic soldiers.

Despite their brute force, demiorganics are highly intelligent and posess one or several enormous brains, usually located on their chest. On top of making them highly efficient tactically, their brains make them very erudite, sometimes even poetic creatures.

It should be noted that "demiorganic" applies to any cybernetic creature. Thus, technically, everything from tanks to spacecraft is also a demiorganic.

Demiorganic Marine
In rare occasions a mission will be deemed too critical to be left in the hands of the countless legions of human soldiers, even with the guidance of demiorganics. For such operations, the AIs make use of the fearsome, mysterious and perpetually silent demiorganic marines. Equivalent to the special forces troops of other nations, the demiorganic marines are the center of many rumors amongs the sentient portions of the human population.

Unlike their organic counterparts, the demiorganic marines are fully equipped with a variety of weapons which are integral to their bodies, with the exception of missile launchers. Built with much more finesse than the weaponry carried by humans, the demiorganic marines have been spotted making use of built-in benchmark guns, microwave emitters, VHF guns and psychotropic weaponry. Also unlike the regular marines, demiorganic marines make use of 'fuzzy armor', where a thick armor plate is suspended in a superposed quantum eigenstate on the entire surface of the demiorganic and only materializes when struck, allowing them to have an extremely thick armor equivalent while remaining light. When in use, fuzzy armor renders demiorganic marines blurry and undefined to the human eye, hence the name.

Fuzzy armor can be found on every unit of higher value, demiorganic marines are the smallest unit to carry it.

Demiorganic Spawn
Made out of the bodies of stillborn, deformed or otherwise defective marines. Those who are not aborted outright are turned into living, walking cancerous masses ironically used to provide medical support. The many stem cells they still have in their mutating bodies are used to repair organic damage to marines and demiorganics alike, making them a common sight. Their bodies are constantly mutating, growing limbs, organs and tumorous masses of tissue.

To control their mutations and aggression, a computer has been embedded into their central nervous system, which protrudes in the form of a large cube. When unleashed, they prove to be surprisingly adaptable creatures, as their body undergoes a form of "natural selection" where the parts not suited for the environment die off while the body as a whole continues to evolve, and practice a predatorial behavior.

Demiorganic Illusionist
Communications demiorganic. Of little note in itself, as it only has a microwave emitter for self-defense. However, it has the ability to create partial entangled quantum projections of human marines, enabling them to fight remotely. Due to the quantum systems present in almost all demiorganics, only human marines can be projected. These projections are imperfect, flickering in and out of existence, and taking a heavy toll on the minds of the projected marines, who often die after two or three projection "deaths". However, it still results in an incomparably mobile, resilient and expendable force to conduct reconaissance in force and assault fortified positions.

Demiorganic Afterimage
Upon the destruction of a demiorganic, be it an infantry unit or a large battleship, a possibility exists that a physical afterimage may remain due to their wide use of quantum effects. This afterimage, a projection from a parallel universe in which the unit has not been destroyed, is still partially physical and capable of fighting and sustaining damage. Eventually, quantum decoherence will destroy the afterimage.

In rare occasions, however, the afterimage will be stable, and quantum decoherence will permanently project it into the current universe instead of fully destroying it, resulting in a specter. Specters, usually infantry-sized units as ships and tanks are too complex to function between universes, are dangerous, extremely psychotropic creatures. While their unpredictable nature is not fully understood, the AIs have nonetheless managed to harness some specters by equipping them with "talismans", cylindrical devices that further stabilize the afterimage and prevent it from attacking friendly troops.

They are non-physical and thus imprevious to damage, but thanks to their talisman they can still inflict it, as their weapons become physical for a few microseconds during their attack. They are, however, not tactically sound for unknown reasons and will attack targets in a simple yet aggressive manner, rarely following orders even from demiorganics. The specters have an unpredictable irreality; they are capable of erratic teleporting of themselves and various objects, superposition, selective physicality and other mysterious behavior. Some have even come back from the dead and re-acquired their original form, some have brought enemies back from the dead.

Upon destruction of the talisman, specters usually fade from existence rather quickly, while others go berserk and attack friendly forces. Due to their unknown nature, specters are rarely deployed.

Demiorganic Harpy
Ambassador of the AIs for the purposes of contacting human peoples. One of the few externally feminine demiorganics, though they are internally very different; with oversized brain and heart occupying most of the neck/solar plexus and thorax respectively. Also one of the few demiorganics with grav spikes normally reserved for vehicles, enabling them to fly.

Separate from the similarly-purposed Syntagma missionaries with which they have an unknown relationship, harpies exhibit strange, erratic behavior that disjointedly imitates human emotion, acting in either an exceedingly furtive manner or a completely outgoing one, with wide grins and disconcerting giggles.

VTOL gunship
An older model of demiorganic gunship largely phased out, as it uses arc turbines instead of antigravity engines. It is armed with four independently-targettable electron lasers and eight dual-purpose missiles. It is capable of eigenstate superposition, making it invulnerable to damage (until shot with the benchmark gun) but also incapable of attacking while doing so. Has a brain even larger than the platoon demiorganics, which has the effect of giving it a much more powerful psychotropic ability.

Gunships in general are a rare sight in AI armies, and only show up for counter-insurgency or mopping-up operations.

Framerider gunship
Antigravity gunship replacing its VTOL counterpart; with a flusher look and more highly integrated laser weaponry, discarding the missiles. Generally speaking, is stealthier and more efficient than its older counterpart, though it fits the same roles. As it is equipped with antigrav engines (the long spikes), it is technically capable of floating up into space, though it doesn't fit any role there.

Scramjet fighter-bomber
Orbital, sub-orbital and atmospheric dominance aircraft, powered by fusion scramjets which double as hydrogen rockets in a vacuum. The fusion reactor onboard must be externally jump-started, so the fighters always base themselves on large ships or spacecraft despite their integral antigrav engines allowing them to land in many places.

Armed with six laser emitters (the black dots on top) and an array of bombs, missiles and directed energy weapons. Flying at Mach 24, it is capable of reaching orbital velocity in medium worlds, though incapable of interplanetary flight or combat.

Armor Destroyer
A common vehicle in the AI armies, using missiles it doubles as an AFV destroyer and low anti-aircraft defense, with high-frequency lasers and a dermic microwave gun acting as secondaries. Like all vehicles of its army, its primary method of movement is the large grav spikes along its hull, allowing it to float (although not supersonically like the gunships, or hypersonically like fighters) and giving it a significant ammount of mobility above tracked and wheeled vehicles. It can land and utilize a set of wheels, reducing its mobility greatly but making it significantly stealthier to gravitometric sensors.

Defensively, it is equipped with fuzzy armor and a scalar field, which tends to interfere with the grav spikes when struck. Below its active defense its superplastic armor is actually quite thin and ineffective, as normal for AI vehicles which prefer mobility and unconventional armor. Like most other vehicles it is unmanned.

Surveillance Vehicle
Smaller vehicle used for battlefield reconaissance and quantum scrying, complementing the surveillance nanites that are usually dumped into a planet's atmosphere in preparation of a battle. Can network with other vehicles of its kind though laser interferometers to form a large gravitational wave detector spanning the whole battlefield.

Shortwave Tank
Much more powerful, self-propelled version of the infantry shortwave gun, capable of dealing devastating damage to targets provided there is a longwave emitter active. In situations in which there is not, the shortwave tank can make use of its large integral mid-frequency emitter located along the hull of the vehicle. When used in mid- and high-frequency pairs for the sake of range (a shortwave tank operating alone would only be capable of shooting a few meters in front of itself), they can deliver significant firepower for the destruction of middleweight armor and heavy aircraft.

This remains a long shot from the kilotons worth of energy that can be jolted into a target when the shortwave tank is supported by an orbital or planetary longwave gun, but it allows it a measure of autonomy from other assets. Its mid-frequency emitter can also support infantry shortwave guns, though also reducing their firepower.

Laser Carrier
While most vehicles carry lasers, this one is set apart by the magnitude of its main weapon, usually employed to silence highly resilient targets, shoot down low-flying warships or blind orbitting satellites, with the obvious disadvantage that its internal capacitors can only carry three shots worth of laser (though continuous recharge by a microwave uplink is possible) and its volatility. It acts as a means of strategic air defense in place of SAMs, being able to shoot down aircraft and satellites at a very long range.

Armored personnel carrier used for ferrying troops and equipment across battle zones and, less commonly, from spacecraft to the surface and vice versa. While it is capable of transporting humans and demiorganics conventionally in internal seats, it is also capable of a strange storage method using quantum superposition, which dissolves the troops it carries into one single quantum vibrational being for the sake of maximizing carried volume highly, allowing it to carry whole platoons before beaming them back into individuality. This is described as a rather surreal, quasi-spiritual experience, and the same method with which spacecraft carry their cargo.

During battles, personnel is carried conventionally most of the times, as disturbing the eigenstate would destroy everything carried in it and the APC itself.

Missile TEL
Launch vehicle for long-range cruise missiles with many different warheads. Cruise missiles like that are used in a variety of different roles, from conventional purposes like destroying critical enemy C4 or logistical targets behind the lines, destroying massed formations of armor and personnel with submunition warheads or delivering large clouds of surveillance nanites. More unorthodoxically, it can be used to create artificial ionospheres above the battlefield (allowing scalar weapons to fire indirectly), radiation belts in orbit or deliver powerful psychotropic jolts with microwave emitters.

It utilizes an arc scramjet in the atmosphere, can be equipped for transorbital flight with a few adaptations.

All Aspect
Possibly the most characteristic weapon employed by the AIs, there is rarely any teather or battle without the presence of fearsome All Aspects. Meant primarily as a quick reaction force (QRF) and for ultra-mobility warfare, these cybernetic creatures can altern between a hypersonic flight mode and a walker mode to adapt easier to the conditions of the battlefield. Their primary armament consists usually of six to eight large missiles, complemented by a veritable arsenal of psychotropic, laser, microwave, kinetic, nuclear, computational and scalar weaponry. Like the larger fighters, they are capable of diffuse quantum flight and not unlike tanks they are equipped with thick fuzzy armor.

Most of the armament and battle technologies developped by the AIs converge in the All Aspects, and as such they are, unit-per-unit, one of the most formidable assets that the AIs can deploy en masse. The All Aspect used by the Ancerious AIs the most often is this model, called the Jangr.

Articulated Combattant
Mysterious and extremely rare pseudo-mechanical entities posessing an arsenal of quantum abilities, allowing to become non-phisical, non-local or fully superposed; teleporting and behaving more like a particle than a macroscopic system and thus being near indestructible in certain occasions due to the quantum zeno effect. Unlike the rest of the war machines of the AIs, Articulated Combattants (AComs) are not demiorganics and require a human operator, whose body and central nervous system is fused with that of the robot via entanglement. These operators, known as Factors, are specifically engineered for the purpose.

Like All Aspects, their inferior demiorganic counterpart, the AComs can fold into a scramjet aircraft form to quickly redeploy across the surface of a planet.


Edit 1: Added the demiorganic marine, demiorganic spawn, demiorganic illusionist, demiorganic specter, demiorganic harpy, armor destroyer, surveillance vehicle, shortwave tank, laser carrier and APC

Edit 2: Added heavy marine and cruise missile launcher

Edit 3: Added All Aspect

Edit 4: Added ACom and fission autocannon
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