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Modern Game by VoughtVindicator Modern Game by VoughtVindicator
Much like the Erne from Ace Combat 3, I decided to do the XFA-36A "Game" from Ace Combat 3 without COFFIN, as it would look if it was made today.

Scale belongs to :iconbagera3005:

Nationstates outline:

Vasmer Va-36

The Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) program that ultimately gave the victory to the Suvorov design bureau and its Korona fighter not only saw the creation of this aircraft but also the bankruptcy of several small aircraft manufacturers whose design failed to meet the ATF requeriments, and had to join larger conglomerates to stay afloat.

One of the corporations that failed to meet the ATF goals was the famous Vasmer OKB design bureau, responsable for most of Birkaine's 5th generation fighters. However, they were beaten by the relatively inexperienced Suvorov company to the throne of the VVB. This defeat was not only psychological, but it pushed Vasmer close to bankruptcy. To avoid the important manufacturer to collapse, the Birkanian Air Force handed a secondary contract for its absolutely mighty -and absurdly expensive- air superiority fighter, the Va-36

Not designed primarily to engage fighters like the F-22 but to engage fighters meant to replace the F-22, the Vasmer Va-36 was based on the design of the old X-36 experimental tailess UAV and inherits most of its features. Being based on an old design, then cancelled, then coming back from the grave earned the Vasmer fighter its widespread nickname of "Zombi" or Zombie. The NATO denomination became "Flattop" once the fighter was revealed.

For control, a couple of canards forward of the wings were used as well as split ailerons and an two advanced 3D thrust vectoring nozzle for directional control, using 3 paddles on each engine to both provide vectoring and hide the engine from radar. Unstable on the pitch and yaw axes, the Zombi uses an advanced fly-by-light system. For the sake of redundancy in case the TVC is compromised, the aircraft also uses drag rudders located on the wings. When the two of them are deployed at the same time, they function as the aircraft's airbrakes. The aircraft's lack of rudders also helps it reduce its RCS tremendously, about to the size of a grain of sand.

The Vasmer design bureau took no limitations in making the aircraft as capable as possible, making use of a disproportionately high ammount of composite materials in the airframe, all organized in an all-aspect stealth configuration.

Unlike the Korona, which uses a Belkan-made BeE-101-10 engine, the Dzheneral Elektrik corporation participated in the Vasmer project, donating their powerful DE-2000M engines for the fighter. The DE-2000M was also meant to power interceptors for the VVB.

The most radical characteristic about the Zombi is its alternative use as an UCAV. Manipulating a manual security control inside the cockpit of the plane allows it to receive a satellital datalink to connect it to ground-based installations, where it is controlled by a pilot in a ground station virtual cockpit with a view provided by a video camera mounted under the nose of the aircraft. To make up for the camera's limited field of view forward, visual representations of the local topography are also used in conjunction with satellite imagery to provide a virtual image of the place. Like any other UCAV in service in the VVB, it can fly pre-determined routes and carry out simple missions by itself.

Another unique feature about this aircraft is that it employs an even more powerful radar than the Korona and its Ballista N014M, built by the manufacturer's competitor.
The VRZ company supplied the Zombi's cutting-edge N200 "Oka Nieba" Active Electronically Scanned Array radar. As a more powerful alternative to the Ballista's gallium nitride composition, the Oka Nieba radar was manufactured for nearly twice as much peak power (500Kw in total, twice as many as the Raptor's APG-77) using an array of 3000 silicone-based Transmit Receive Modules in the whole assembly. The colossal ammount of modules to be fit in the radar required more precise assembly methods that made the price of the device skyrocket, but it offers an extremely effective ability at picking up targets (0.01 SqM RCS aircraft can be picked up on a distance of 90km. Operating in the L-band, it can easily track the JSF and other common partial-stealth jets.

As if the radar's theorical application as a high-power microwave weapon weren't enough, further cooperation resulted in the development of a second DEW to use in the Zombi. The "Legkoye Kope" (LK) solid-state 100Kw laser pod was also developped for the aircraft, and is mounted on underneath the fighter. The pod itself was based on the low-observable JASSM standoff dispenser to avoid the laser increasing the Zombi's RCS too much. However, it is still an optional attachment.
The 2-ton laser itself provides a rechargeable time of 60 seconds of illumination, or about 20 targets.
user posted image
The LK in its development phase. The shape of the laser was later altered to provide low-observability
Due to the fighter's many breaktroughs, it was considered a 5.5 generation fighter by VVB officials.

* Crew: 1
* Length : 19.51 m
* Wingspan : 13.2 m
* Height : 2.8 m
* Empty weight: 21,720 kg
* Loaded weight: 32,116 kg
* Max takeoff weight: 44,500kg
* Powerplant: Dzheneral Elektrik DE-2000M low-bypass afterburning turbojet engines with differential 3D TVC provided by two sets of three pallets
o Dry thrust:
o Thrust with afterburner: 70.000lb/f each
* Fuel capacity: 8250 kg internally


* Maximum speed:
o At altitude: Mach 2.7 @ 17000m or 55774 ft
o Supercruise-capable: Mach 1.5 @ 14000m or 45932 ft
* Range: 2170 km
* Combat radius: 700 km
* Ferry range: 4550 km with external drop tanks
* Service ceiling 20000 m
* Rate of climb: >550 m/s
* Thrust/weight: 2.17:1 at loaded weight


* Guns: 1 GSh-30-1, 450 rounds
* Hardpoints: 14 in total; 6 in central bay, 4 in wing root bays, 4 in optional external wing pylons.
* Air-to-air missiles in Birkanian use: Vympel R-73/74 (AA-11 Archer) , Vympel R-27 (AA-10 Alamo), Vympel R-77 (AA-12 Adder)
* Air-to-surface missiles in Birkanian use: Kh-15P, Kh-29, Kh-35, Kh-59, JSOW-ER
* Bombs:
o Small Diameter Bomb Precision-guided munition (PGMs)
o DPO Smart cluster munition (Indigenous clone of the SFW)
o Laser guided bombs
o Gravity bombs
* Others:
o LK Solid-state laser pod
o GLIR and FLIR systems integrated into the airframe
o MAWS Suite
o VRK N200 "Oka Nieba" AESA radar
o N012 rear-aspect radar
o 2 2400L (1932 kg) drop tank for extended range/loitering time
Stealthflanker Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this should be the X-36 TFARA...

but that one is unmanned
VoughtVindicator Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, plus this one is much larger
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